Project Reality SP Map Pack

Project Reality SP Map Pack 0.95

The map pack delivers 14 maps to play only in Co-OP mode
0.95 (See all)

The map pack was a joint effort by Spyker2041 and [R-DEV]Outlawz, delivering 14 maps to play on which come only in the Co-Operative gamemode. It includes maps from vanilla Battlefield 2, retired Project Reality and Project Reality Single Player maps and a very special release of the current Fallujah West map, modified for SP purposes. We hope you enjoy playing them.

Project Reality SP Map Pack Includes:

-Al Kufrah Oilfield - US Army vs. MEC
-Desert Rats - GB vs. MEC
-Fallujah West - USMC vs. Insurgents
-Helmand Fields - GB vs. Taliban
-Helmands Return - GB vs. Taliban
-Hills of Hamgyong - GB vs. PLA
-Midnight Sun - USMC vs. RF
-Operation Black Hawk Down - CF vs. Insurgents
-Operation Phoenix - USMC vs. MEC
-Operation Harvest - US Army vs. RF
-Operation Road Rage - US Army vs. RF
-Road to Jalalabad - US Army vs. Taliban
-Street 2 - USMC vs. Insurgents
-Sunset City - US Army vs. PLA

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